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Technological advancements have made our life smoother. Recently, the introduction of Alexa by Amazon had made things easier. It has removed the hassle of having a phone for changing the color of smart lights. It has even helped in setting the temperature of the thermostat and so on. But as every technical object comes with some flaws there are some flaws present even in Alexa. It has issues of its own. Whenever you face any issue while using Alexa you should rush for availing Alexa support. The technicians present there will help you to sort out the issue. They complete the process as early as possible so that you enjoy the services rendered by Alexa.


Alexa Support For How to interpret problems?

Sometimes, you find that Alexa is dormant until you call upon. But there are lights that present around the top of the Echo and Echo Dot lights in seven colors. They show you whenever there is any problem with it. Here are the colors that depict various problems:

  • If red light found that means the mic switch present on the top of the speaker pressed. Thus, it will not listen to your requests.
  • Whereas orange colors show that the device is trying to connect to wireless network. And it fails to do so.
  • In the case of violet, it is problem which occurs due to WI-Fi setup.

In the case of Amazon tap, the status indicator is little different. It is in form of five tiny LEDs which is present on the top-front edge of the speaker. When Alexa is unable to complete the process or the command then there will be pulsing red lights. Whereas there will be pulsing amber lights when the speaker is in setup mode. And it is waiting for you to pair it with a network by using Alexa app. The speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode when there are pulsing blue lights. If you have a problem in interpreting any of the signals, you can avail Alexa support. They will help in interpreting the sign and resolving the issue.

Alexa Support Help To Solve Various problems and solutions

Problems in the Amazon echo could get solved. By usage of the power cycle and with few simple adjustments this is possible. Below mentioned are some common issues with solutions:

  1. Difficulty in finding smart-home devices: You are unable to add smart-home devices. So, before adding you must check that the device supported. If you have added the devices but Alexa is unable to connect them, then you have to follow these solutions.



You have to check the command. You have to check that you are using as small differences in phrasing or names. Few smart home devices have difficulty in staying connected to the software. Especially, this happens because of a network issue. In that case, correcting the network solves the problem. You can also reboot the speaker to resolve the issue. If you have difficulty in interpreting the cause, then you can contact Amazon Echo support team. Our technicians will help you to find the actual cause.

  1. The problem in connecting with Wi-Fi: You find that Echo, Echo Dot or Tap is losing connection. In that situation, you have to follow a few guidelines which will solve the problem.


First of all, you have to power cycle router, modem, and Alexa speaker. After that, you have to stream audio for a few minutes. This is to find out whether you are facing the same problem again. If you find the same problem, then you should move the speaker away from other devices and closer to the router. This will solve the issue completely. If not, then you have to take help of Alexa customer service team who would provide an instant solution for this problem.

  1. Unable to hear you: You find that Alexa speaker is unable to hear you. If earlier, it was responding well then it is an issue that you have to resolve.


To solve this problem, you have to make sure that the speakers have at least 8 inches’ space around it. as if it is too much crowded, then it may have difficulty in hearing the command

Thus, if you face any of the above-mentioned issues, you can follow these instructions. But in case you are unable to get rid of the problem then you have to take help of Alexa support team. They make sure that all the issues get resolved. You can again enjoy features of Alexa without any hindrance.