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Alexa is a voice-activated home audio speaker system. It has with Bluetooth and WI-Fi connectivity. Amazon echo has Alexa as wake word. It fulfills all your commands instantly. Amazon is adapting it according to various speech patterns, personal preferences and vocabulary. So, according to interface with natural sounding responses Alexa is being updated. While using it there are many problems that users have to face. All these issues have very simple solutions. You have to follow those steps and you will be able to overcome those issues. If you have difficulty doing so then you have to avail help of Alexa customer service team. They would provide you appropriate solutions for such issues


Alexa Customer Service to Solve Problems and solutions

  1. Alexa gets activated: If it hears any similar sounding word. That means similar words from television or anywhere else then it gets activated. It is harmless but still it is a disturbance. As it will start providing unwanted responses. There are few things that you can do for sorting out this problem. The first one is moving the speaker far from television. While watching TV near it you can press the mute switch on top. Further, you have to change wake word from default to something uncommon. You can avail the help of Alexa support team for making the required changes.
  2. Alexa is receiving unwanted calls: Amazon came up with a new calling feature for Echo devices. But still, there is no feature for managing Alexa contacts. That means it is not able to manage the contacts who are eligible for calling and messaging you using Alexa. If you link anyone to Alexa calling, then they will be able to contact you using it. Suppose you block someone from calling you through Alexa. Then it disables the calling feature completely. You can solve this problem by setting up Alexa calling with a different number. After that share that number only with those whom you want to contact. If you need further fix for this problem, then you can contact Alexa customer service team.
  3. Alexa not playing music: You can now control music playback by using multi-room audio. It works with the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. This feature enables you to, play music throughout the house without any hassle. But if you have not named echo devices properly, then you have to try to play music on speakers. Sometimes, you have to face the problem playing the music even after having set up of the speakers. Then you have to take help of Amazon echo support team for completing the set-up of the speakers. So, that you are able to listen to your favorite music without any hassle.
  4. Too loud alarms and notifications: The sound of the timers or alarms is much louder. It is loud than playback volume of Alexa. This happens when the alarm and timer volume controlled by the Alexa app. To get rid of this problem, you have to set the alarm, timer and notification volume. You can do it by opening the Alexa app in Android or iOS and then going to the settings. After that you have to choose your device name and then sounds. At last you have to drag the slider to set the volume level as per your wish. If you need guidance in these steps or you have difficulty in interpreting the steps. Then you have to contact Alexa customer service team for understanding it in better way.
  5. Problems while streaming: Alexa is capable of streaming music. It does it even from various third-party service. But if there is any hiccups in the service stops mid-stream without any reason. There is no permanent fix for these errors, if you want to troubleshoot it then the best way is to reboot the speaker. If you still find some or other problem in it then you have to contact the support team. They will let you solve the issue instantly.

These are some of the common issues that arises in Alexa. So whenever you face any of these problems then you have to contact Alexa customer service team. The technicians present there will tackle all the issues by fixing it completely.